Friday, 18 April 2008

An Answered Prayer .. a story from Liberia

The SMA Fathers work with a Leper colony called Masserti in Liberia and tell this splendid story of God’s provision & sense of humour.

“Recently Fr Garry contacted me to share an idea. The People of Masserti, he said, are growing rice, in fact they could grow more than they need. But they can’t afford to transport it to a rice mill for processing. If they had their own mill, he said they could feed themselves and we could buy the excess for other projects.

Two hours later the telephone rang and a gentleman said he and his wife would like to help the people of Masserti and he offered a specific donation.

The donation was the exact amount that would be needed for the mill that Fr Garry had spoken of. The names of the donors were …… Mr & Mrs Rice !

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