Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Road of Life

At first, I saw the Spirit as my observer, my judge, keeping track of the things I did wrong, so as to know whether I merited heaven or hell when I die. He was out there sort of like a president, a judge, but I really didn't know Him.

But later on, when I really met and began to understand the Spirit, it seemed as though life were rather like a bike ride, (for us petrol heads..this could also be a car di ba) but it was a tandem bike, and I noticed that the Spirit was in the back helping me pedal. I don't know just when it was that He suggested we change places and I agreed... and life has not been the same since.

When I had control, I knew the way. It was rather boring, but predictable. .. It was the shortest distance between two points. I always did things my way. But when He took the lead, He knew delightful long cuts, up mountains, and through rocky places at breakneck speeds; it was all I could do to hang on!

Even though it looked like madness, He said, "Pedal!" I worried and was anxious and asked, "Where are you taking me?" He laughed and didn't answer, and I started to learn to trust.

I forgot my boring life and entered into the adventure. And when I'd say, "I'm scared," He'd lean back and touch my hand. He took me to people with gifts that I needed, gifts of healing, acceptance and joy. They gave me gifts to take on my journey, Spirit's and mine. And we were off again.

He said, "Give the gifts away; they're extra baggage, too much weight." So I did, to the people we met, and I found that in giving I received, and still our burden was light.

I did not trust Him, at first, in control of my life. I thought He'd wreck it; but He knows bike secrets, knows how to make it bend to take sharp corners, knows how to jump to clear high rocks, knows how to fly to shorten scary passages. And I am learning to shut up and pedal in the strangest places, and I'm beginning to enjoy the view and the cool breeze on my face with my delightful constant companion, Spirit.

And when I'm sure I just can't do anymore, He just smiles and says... Pedal.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Children of God

Peace truly sets us free to be the people
God has created us to be.
Before peace can bond nations,
it must dwell in the hearts and lives
of the citizens of the world,
binding us together as children of God

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


The Trailer above is of the forthcomming concert by a Canadian Christian band, Myztery, whose new album 'Tempus Fugit' and accompanying animated video will be released shortly. Details of that concert on the end of the trailer.. the theme is Death, Judgement, Heaven & Hell, ck it out if you are from that area..great band.

Visit their website at:

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Fallen Nature, Fallen World

Video of a Pink Floyd song (Goodbye Blue sky) with some of the original animation from the movie 'The Wall' and other footage from the conflict in Bosnia and also the Twin Towers attack in USA ....

Purgatory, Hell & Heaven

Set out below is an account of the experience of a priest who died and was shown Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. It is of course only his personal experience but there is nothing in it which is contrary to faith and I trust that some of you might find, as I did, that it was a warning and an encouragement.
On Sunday April 14, 1985, the Feast of the Divine Mercy, Fr Tom Maniyangat was going to celebrate Mass at a mission church in the north part of Kerala, and he had a fatal accident. He had a head on collision with a jeep. He was rushed to a hospital about 35 miles away but he died on the way.
Fr Tom's soul left his body and he experienced death. He saw his body and the people who were carrying him to the hospital. He heard them crying and praying for him.He then met his Guardian angel. His angel said to him: "I am going to take you to Heaven, the Lord wants to meet you and talk with you." He also said that as part of that journey he wanted to show Fr Tom hell and purgatory.
This is how Fr Tom describes his visit to Hell and Purgatory Hell"First, the angel escorted me to hell. It was an awful sight! I saw Satan and the devils, an unquenchable fire ,worms crawling, people screaming and fighting, others being tortured by demons. I was told there are seven "degrees" or levels of suffering in the netherworld. Those who committed "mortal sin after mortal sin" in life were suffering the most intense heat. They had bodies and looked very ugly, so cruel and ugly, horrifying. They were human but like monsters: fearful, ugly-looking things. The angel told me that all these sufferings were due to unrepented mortal sins.Then, I understood that there are seven degrees of suffering or levels according to the number and kinds of mortal sins committed in their earthly lives. The souls looked very ugly, cruel and horrific. It was a fearful experience. I saw people whom I knew but I am not allowed to reveal their identities. The sins that convicted them were mainly abortion, homosexual acts, sins of the flesh, euthanasia, hatefulness, lack of forgiveness and sacrilege.
The angel told me that if they had repented they would have avoided hell and gone instead to purgatory. I also understood that some people who repent from these sins might be purified on earth through their sufferings. This way they can avoid purgatory and go straight to heaven. I was surprised when I saw in hell even Priests and Bishops, some of whom I never expected to see. Many of them were there because they had misled the people with false teaching and bad example.
After the visit to hell, my Guardian angel escorted me to Purgatory. Here too, there are seven degrees of suffering and unquenchable fire. But it is far less intense than hell and there was neither quarreling nor fighting. The main suffering of these souls is their separation from God. Some of those who are in Purgatory committed numerous mortal sins; but they were reconciled with God before their death. Even though these souls are suffering, they enjoy peace and the knowledge that one day they will see God face to face.I had a chance to communicate with the souls in Purgatory. They asked me to pray for them and to tell the people to pray for them as well, so they can go to heaven quickly.
When we pray for these souls we will receive their gratitude through their prayers and once they enter heaven their prayers become even more meritorious.
Next, my angel escorted me to heaven passing through a big dazzling white tunnel. I never experienced this much peace and joy in my life. Then immediately the heaven opened up and I heard the most delightful music, which I never heard before. The angels were singing and praising God. I saw all the saints, especially the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, and many dedicated holy Bishops and Priests who were shining like stars.
And when I appeared before the Lord, Jesus told me: "I want you to go back to the world. In your second life you will be an instrument of peace and healing to my people. You will walk in a foreign land and you will speak in a foreign tongue. Everything is possible for you with my grace." After these words, the Blessed Mother told me, "Do whatever He tells you. [John 2:5] I will help you in your ministries."Words can not express the beauty of heaven. There we find so much peace and happiness, which exceed a million times our imagination.
Our Lord is far more beautiful than any image can convey. His face is radiant and luminous and more beautiful than a thousand rising suns. The pictures we see in the world are only a shadow of His magnificence. The Blessed Mother was next to Jesus; she was so beautiful and radiant. None of the images we see in this world can compare with her real beauty. Heaven is our real home: we are all created to reach heaven and enjoy God forever.
Back to Earth.
As they were moving my dead body to the morgue, my soul came back to the body. I felt an excruciating pain because of so many wounds and broken bones. I began to scream and then the people became frightened and ran away screaming.One of them approached the doctor and said: "The dead body is screaming." The doctor came to examine the body and found that I was alive. So he said: "Father is alive. It is a miracle - take him back to the hospital."

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Bargain ...

A young soldier found himself and his army being soundly defeated by the enemy. He and his comrades hastily retreated from the battlefield in defeat, running away in fear of their very lives. The enemy gave chase.

The young man ran hard and fast, full of fear and desperation, and soon found himself cut off from his comrades. The soldier eventually came upon a rocky ledge containing a cave. Knowing the enemy was close behind, and that he was exhausted from the chase, he chose to hide there.

After he crawled in, he fell to his face in the darkness, desperately crying to God to save him and protect him from his enemies. He made a bargain with God. He promised that if God saved him, he would serve Him for the remainder of his days.

When he looked up from his despairing plea for help, he saw a spider beginning to weave its web at the entrance to the cave. As he watched the delicate threads being slowly drawn across the mouth of the cave, the young soldier pondered its irony. He thought, "I asked God for protection and deliverance, and He sent me a spider instead. How can a spider save me?"

His heart was hardened, knowing the enemy would soon discover his hiding place and kill him. Soon he did hear the sound of his enemies, who were now scouring the area looking for those in hiding.One soldier with a gun slowly walked up to the cave's entrance. As the young man crouched in the darkness, hoping to surprise the enemy in a last-minute desperate attempt to save his own life, he felt his heart pounding wildly out of control. As the enemy cautiously moved forward to enter the cave, he came upon the spider's web, which by now was completely strung across the opening.

He backed away and called out to a comrade, "There can't be anyone in here. They would have had to break this spider's web to enter the cave. Let's move on."Years later, this young man, who made good his promise by becoming a preacher and evangelist, wrote about that ordeal.
What he observed has stood by me in times of trouble, especially during those times when everything seemed impossible:"Where God is, a spider's web is as a stone wall. Where God is not, a stone wall is as a spider's web."~ Author Unknown ~

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Lamb of God

Film Clip from the TV series 'Jesus of Nazareth' and a song called Lamb of God by Sheep

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Tate Family

Do you know how many members of the Tate family belong to your church?
There is old man Dic-Tate who wants to run everything, while Uncle Ro-Tate tries to change everything. There's sister Agi-Tate who stirs up plenty of trouble, with help from her husband, Irri-Tate.
Whenever new projects are suggested, Hesi-Tate and his wife, Vege-Tate, want to wait until next year. Then there is Aunt Imi-Tate, who wants our church to be like all the others. Devas-Tate provides the voice of doom, while Poten-Tate wants to be a big shot.
But not all members of the family are bad. Brother Facili-Tate is quite helpful in church matters. And a delightful, happy member of the family is Miss Felici-Tate. Cousins Cogi-Tate and Medi-Tate always think things over and lend helpful, steady hands. And of course there is the white sheep of the family, Ampu-Tate, who has completely cut himself off from the church.
How about it - do you know anyone in the Tate family ?


Brilliant Free software for Media projects.. click on the title to go to the download section of their website. Intoductory videos and manual on wiki.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Going Home..

Video with some artworks by Edvard Munch and Elizabeth Wang and a brilliant song by Paul Lisney called Going Home.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Who is my neighbour ? ..

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones…” – Matt 18:10

As soon as the light turned red and our car stopped, like a bolt of lightning, the young girl, perhaps seven years old, threw a pint of soapy water onto our car window. She then began to wipe, scrub and bubble away. It was in the middle of the road on a cool December night. But I was not cool. She caught me by surprise. And the other kids, wearing wet, soiled clothes were running around with buckets and foam.

Despite my growing impatience, I was drawn to this girl. She could have been in a school Christmas party this moment, I thought. But she was here working so as to eat. When she cleaned my window, I looked into her eyes. Was that sorrow? The light turned green when she begged for my half empty cup of cola. There was no time and cars behind us were honking. As we started to move, I stared through the now crystal-clear glass before me.

All of a sudden, I felt a empty. I missed my chance to bless one of God’s little ones.

See below some archive footage from Ethiopia in 1984, a similar scene to Darfur and so many areas of Sudan right now. Help if you can.. see

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Monday, 18 August 2008

Do you have a difficult person in your life ?

“Lord, help me to bless people today.”
That’s my daily morning prayer… uh, when I’m happy. And usually, I am. But once in awhile, I don’t wake up happy. And usually, it’s because of a difficult person in my life.

That’s when I pray, “Lord, how can I bless this… this… this… creature?” I’m a very patient person, so this doesn’t happen too often. But it happens.
Friend, do you have a difficult person in your life?
And do you sometimes want to pray, “Lord, if you will allow it, let a 50,000 megawatt bolt of lightning strike (Name of Difficult Person) right now. Not to kill him, Lord. Just enough to wake him up and give him second degree burns. Just kidding Lord, but with all due respect, what were you thinking when you created this pathological human being? I don’t want to sound offensive, but were you sleeping on the job when you created this creature? He’s a mess. He’s a composite of all the villains of Spiderman put together….”

Do you sometimes wonder if this difficult person heard God in the middle of the night say, “My child, your ultimate mission in life is to be difficult. That’s the entire purpose of your existence. You shall be the thorn in someone’s flesh. Do everything in your power to annoy him. Be irresponsible. Or be demanding. Or be totally negative. Or be selfish. Or be constantly angry. Or be possessive. Or be always depressed. It doesn’t matter. Your objective is to make his life hell on earth.”

Yes, I must admit that I don’t like a few unlovable characters here and there, but generally, I think the Almighty has done a fantastic job inventing human beings.
I also believe that God allows difficult people to come into our lives to give us very special gifts. What could these gifts be?

I could list down a hundred gifts, but keeping the list short will make it easier to appreciate.
Are you ready? Here are the big 4 gifts you receive from difficult people. (Note: Check out especially Gift #2, because that’s what many people don’t do…)

Gift 1:
Difficult people can teach you how to love, preparing you for Heaven!

You learn to become more patient, more understanding, more persevering.
You have pity for them because you realize that “Hurt people hurt people”
You learn to see the good qualities even among difficult people.
You learn how to be compassionate as God is compassionate.
You learn how to forgive, to remove bitterness from your heart.

Gift #2:
Difficult people can teach you to protect yourself and learn to say “No” to abuse.

You learn to love yourself, respect yourself, by no longer allowing abuse.
You learn to be courageous and stand up against bullies.
You learn to give tough love—refusing his abuse again. It may be the most loving thing you can do for a difficult person.
You wizen up, learn tact, and learn how to distance yourself from harmful people.

Gift #3:
Difficult people can help you get to know your weaknesses.

Difficult people remind you that you too could be difficult to others.
Difficult people teach you many important lessons in life. By seeing the tragic results of their actions, you’re inspired to do the very opposite of what they do.

Gift #4:
Difficult people can bring you closer to God.

Difficult people force you to pray a lot. (“Lord, help! I can’t take it anymore!”)
Difficult people force you to trust in God. (“Lord, I give up! I’ve done everything but she’s still a monster…”)
Praying for difficult people may not change them, but YOU will.
“Your cross (difficult person) is your key to heaven…” St. Poveda
You realize that YOU are God’s difficult person—yet you’re still loved by God..
Friend, God allows difficult people into your life to give you these 4 gifts. Don’t miss receiving them!

May your dreams come true,
Articles by Bo Sanchez

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Bread of Life

A song by Karl Kohlhase called 'Bread of Life' and video clips from the Last Supper scenes of Jesus of Nazareth Series and also some clips of Padre (St) Pio celebrating Mass, the continuiity through the ages of scripture, 'unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you do not have life within you' .

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I will be with you always...

During China's 1911 Republican Revolution or the earlier Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901), anti-Catholic militants seized a Catholic parish. They confined the pastor to house arrest. From his rectory window he witnessed the desecration of the Church.
He knew that there had been thirty-two consecrated hosts in the tabernacle. An eleven year old girl was praying at the back of the church and the guards either did not see her or else paid no attention to her.
She returned to the Church that night and made a Holy Hour and then consumed one of the sacred hosts, bending down to receive Jesus on her tongue. She continued to return every night, making a nightly Holy Hour and consuming one sacred host.
On the last night, the thirty-second night, unfortunately a guard was awakened after she consumed the sacred host. He chased her, grabbed her, and beat her to death with his rifle.
Archbishop Fulton Sheen became aware of her martyrdom while he was a seminarian. He was so inspired by her sacrifice that he promised to pray a holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament each day for the rest of his life.
The eleven year old girl could have had no idea how she would have influenced a future bishop who would in turn influence millions and promote Eucharistic Adoration. We also have no idea how our witness and sacrifices influence others.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Jacob's Ladder

Music video with the song Jacob's Ladder by Paul Lisney and art works by Russian Surrealist Victor Bregeda (google the websites !)

Prayers for Healing of AIDS

I met a woman today who testified of Jesus' love and forgiveness. She is a living testimony that the good Lord lives today! She was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2002 and lost one of her children to this dreadful disease a few years ago.
She was on her death bed and was in hospital and, according to her own words, she was so ill she was in diapers! Her only living child was also dying from AIDS and there seemed to be no hope! Until she was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ! In one week she met Christ and invited Him into her life. She declared Jesus as Christ and Savior and gave her life to Him.
In that same week she visited my sister-in-law' s church and they prayed over her and laid their hands on her and prayed for her healing. She thought nothing of it and later that week went to the clinic to collect ARV (Anti-retroviral) medication and as is procedure they did a CD4 count and her count resembled that of a normal person which alarmed the nurses so they called in the doctor to do an HIV/AIDS test and she tested negative!
The doctor could not believe it so they did several more tests which all came out negative. She was amazed and quickly went home to get her only living daughter who also had AIDS and got her tested too and amazingly her daughter tested negative too! In that same week she went for an interview and got a job as a child minder in a nursery school.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

And now for something...

Completley Different..

Don't Complicate your Life..

“Excuse me, where is the Trinity?”
I was walking in the lobby of St. Luke’s hospital in Quezon City when this man came up and hit me with this very deep question.
He looked very confused. My guess was that he recognized me from my TV show or my books and decided to ask me a spiritual question. So I gave him my best shot. I dug deep into my theology and said, “The Trinity is all around us. The Trinity is within you. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one…”
His face looked even more puzzled, so I tried even harder. “I know this is difficult to understand, but there are three persons in one God…” I explained. “Think of fire. The flame, the light, and the heat are separate things yet they’re one. Just like the Trinity.” Believe me, I was mesmerized by my own intelligence.
That was when he interrupted my brilliant answer and said, “Uh, that’s great, but uh… I just want to know where the Holy Trinity School is?”
“Oh…,” I turned red as a tomato and said, “Go right at E. Rodriguez and you’ll see it in 5 minutes…” He thanked me and left in a huff. Probably to get away as fast as he can from the religious kook he was talking to.
Would you believe? I was explaining the Dogma of the Trinity to a man who simply needed simple directions.
I’ve learned my lesson never to complicate my life more than I should.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Monday, 28 July 2008

Miracle at the Tomb

Before the age of 15, Maureen Digan enjoyed a normal healthylife. Then she was struck down with a very serious, slowly progressive but terminal disease called Lymphedima. This is a disease that does not respond to medication and does not go into remission.
Within the next ten years Maureen had fifty operations and had lengthy confinements in Hospital of up to a year at a time. Friends and relations suggested she should pray and put her trust in God. But Maureen could not understand why God had allowed her to get this disease in the first place, and had lost her faith completely.
Eventually her deteriorating condition necessitated the amputation of one leg. One evening while Maureen was in hospital her husband Bob went to a film called Divine Mercy, No Escape,and there he became convinced of the healing power of intercession by Sr. Faustina. Bob persuaded Maureen and the Doctors that she should go to the tomb of Sr. Faustina in Poland.
They arrived in Poland on March 23rd 1981 and Maureen went to confession for the first time since she was a young girl. At the tomb (now the Shrine of Blessed Faustina) Maureen remembers saying in her own inimitable style "O.k. Faustina I came a long way, now do something". Interiorly she heard Sister Faustina say: "If you ask for my help, I will give it to you."
Suddenly all the pain seemed to drain out of her body and her swollen leg which was due to be amputated shortly, went back to its normal size. When she returned to the U.S.A. she was examined by five independent doctors who came to the conclusion that she was completely healed. They had no medical explanation for the sudden healing of this incurable disease.
The accumulated evidence of this miracle was examined in consultation by five doctors appointed by the Sacred congregation for the causes of saints, having passed this test it was examined by a team of theologians, and finally by a team of cardinals and bishops. The cure was accepted by all as a miracle caused by Sr. Faustina's intercession to the Divine Mercy

Sunday, 27 July 2008


2nd video in the "I AM" series, this one with pics from Gethsemene (Jesus of Nazareth TV series) & a song of the same name by Mark Lisney.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A Light for God's House

In a mountain village in Europe a long time ago, a nobleman wondered what gift he could present to his townspeople. At last he decided to build them a church.

No one saw the complete plans for the church until it was finished. When the people gathered, they marvelled at it's beauty. Then someone asked, "But where are the lamps? How will it be lighted?"

The nobleman pointed to some brackets in the walls. Then he gave each family a lamp, asking them to bring these with them each time they came to worship. "Each time you are in church, the area where you are seated will be lighted," the nobleman said.

"Each time you are not here, that area will be dark. This is to remind you that whenever you fail to come to church, some part of God's house will be dark."

Monday, 21 July 2008

Mary's Garden

A video with pics from the UK National Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham and a song by Paul Lisney called @Mary's Garden/Time of Mercy.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Legionaires of Sheshan ..a story from China

If you take the number 36 bus northwest of Shanghai and can put up with it rattling through dense traffic for 30 mins,you reach the terminus of the route in the shade of the hill of Sheshan. 

On the top of the hill is a beautiful old church. You can walk up winding paths to the church as I did one cold January day, taking care of the black ice that rimmed the paths.

I came across three ladies who looked as if they were in their 70's, kneeling on the ice in front of a statue of Our Lady. They were praying the Rosary and I watched them for a while. They completed 15 decades, unfazed and unflinching as gusts of cold air rattled up the path and made me shiver.

When they finished and stood up, the youngest lady turned to me and smiled. I said 'hello' and asked where they were from. She told me that she and her companions were from a rural village about 2 hours away by bus.

I asked why she came. Her story was simple. She and her 2 friends are members of the Leigon of Mary. They worked in their tiny village, visiting the sick and the needy. Her 2 friends had visited a sick farmer taking him a hot meal every day and on one visit left him a miraculous medal. 

Another visitor saw the medal and reported the 2 ladies to the magistrate. (Its an offense for Christians to spread their faith in China). He sentenced them both to three months in a labour camp for the crime of spreading their religion.

They had just completed their sentence the previous day and had come immediately to the shrine of Sheshan to say thank you to Our Lady for helping them get through their sentence and also for the opportunity to do penance in a small way (Xiao - Xiao) in suffering for their faith.

I watched them walk slowly away up the hill to the main church. One had a limp. I wondered if their experience would stop them visiting the sick and giving out miraculous medals in the future..but I doubt it somehow..

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Salvador Dali .. Journey of a Soul

A video with pics by Salvador Dali & a song called Masterpiece by Christa Haberstock (based on Ephesians)

Straight Ahead !

At sometime during World War II, a passenger ship set sail from Great Britain headed for port in New York City. The Captain of the ship being afraid of enemy vessels, sought the advise and guidance of the British Admiral.

The Admiral calmly assured the captain that no matter what happens, he should be sure to sail his ship straight ahead. "Do not take any detours -- sail the ship straight ahead -- continue on-ward, heading straight towards the intended mark" he said.

After several days of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean which was undeniably filled with submarines and enemy vessels of all kinds, the Captain spotted an enemy destroyer off his forward bow. Nervously he grasped the handset and called for assistance.

The calm voice replied, "Keep on straight, Do not detour, just sail the ship straight ahead. Everything will be just fine. Just keep on going - straight ahead."

After a couple more days the ship pulled safely into the great harbor of New York city.

Shortly after docking the great British battleship "Man-of-War" pulled into port behind the passenger vessel.

The Captain realized that while he did not see the British battleship, she was there, standing bye. Standing ready to come to his defense should it prove necessary.

So it is in our lives. God is standing by. We may not always see Him there, but He is. Waiting. Bidding us onward toward the mark...

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Send me a Dream

A song by Paul Lisney and Christian artworks by Elizabeth Wang

The Good Shepherd ... a story from Australia

A young girl, a lapsed Catholic, broke her leg . As she was unable to do much, one of her friends asked her if she would like to go to Mass with her and she went along.
The reading was about the Good shepherd going after the lost sheep. And in the sermon the priest was saying that in olden times when a lamb was a bit wayward sometimes the shepherd would break one of its legs, so it would be immobile and unable to run off and would then carry it around on his shoulders while the leg healed.
In that way the lamb would become familiar with the shepherd and less inclined to stray. As the girl was listening to this, its application in her life became clear and she came home to the church and counted the broken leg as a blessing !

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Seed

Pics from the 1970's TV series Jesus of Nazareth and a new song by Paul Lisney called 'The Seed'

Monday, 23 June 2008

A Trusting Prayer ..a story from Zaire

Helen Roseveare, a missionary doctor from England to Zaire Africa, told this as it happened to her in Africa. "One night I had worked hard to help a mother in the labor ward; but in spite of all we could do she died leaving us with a tiny premature baby and a crying two-year-old daughter. .

We would have difficulty keeping the baby alive, as we had no incubator. (We had no electricity to run an incubator.) We also had no special feeding facilities. Although we lived on the equator, nights were often chilly with treacherous drafts. One student midwife went for the box we had for such babies and the cotton wool the baby would be wrapped in. Another went to stoke up the fire and fill a hot water bottle. She came back shortly in distress to tell me that in filling the bottle, it had burst. Rubber perishes easily in tropical climates. "And it is our last hot water bottle!" she exclaimed. .

As in the West it is no good crying over spilled milk, so in Central Africa it might be considered no good crying over burst water bottles. They do not grow on trees, and there are no drugstores down forest pathways. "All right," I said, "Put the baby as near the fire as you safely can, and sleep between the baby and the door to keep it free from drafts. "Your job is to keep the baby warm." The following noon, as I did most days, I went to have prayers with any of the orphanage children who chose to gather with me. I gave the youngsters various suggestions of things to pray about and told them about the tiny baby. I explained our problem about keeping the baby warm enough, mentioning the hot water bottle. The baby could so easily die if it got chills. I also told them of the two-year-old sister, crying because her mother had died. .

During the prayer time, one ten-year-old girl, Ruth, prayed with the usual blunt conciseness of our African children. "Please, God," she prayed, "send us a water bottle. It'll be no good tomorrow, God, as the baby will be dead, so please send it this afternoon." While I gasped inwardly at the audacity of the prayer, she added by way of a corollary, "And while You are about it, would You please send a dolly for the little girl so she'll know You really love her?" .

As often with children's prayers, I was put on the spot. Could I honestly say, "Amen?" I just did not believe that God could do this. Oh, yes, I know that He can do everything. The Bible says so. But there are limits, aren't there? The only way God could answer this particular prayer would be by sending me a parcel from the homeland. I had been in Africa for almost four years at that time, and I had never, ever received a parcel from home. Anyway, if anyone did send me a parcel, who would put in a hot water bottle. .

Halfway through the afternoon, while I was teaching in the nurses' training school, a message was sent that there was a car at my front door. By the time I reached home, the car had gone, but there, on the verandah, was a large twenty-two pound parcel. I felt tears pricking my eyes. I could not open the parcel alone, so I sent for the orphanage children. Together we pulled off the string, carefully undoing each knot. We folded the paper, taking care not to tear it unduly. Excitement was mounting. Some thirty or forty pairs of eyes were focused on the large cardboard box. From the top, I lifted out brightly colored, knitted jerseys. Eyes sparkled as I gave them out. Then there were the knitted bandages for the leprosy patients, and the children looked a little bored. Then came a box of mixed raisins and sultanas -- that would make a nice batch of buns for the weekend. .

Then, as I put my hand in again, I felt the.... could it really be? I grasped it and pulled it out -- yes, a brand-new, rubber hot water bottle! I cried. I had not asked God to send it; I had not truly believed that He could. Ruth was in the front row of the children. She rushed forward, crying out, "If God has sent the bottle, He must have sent the dolly, too!" Rummaging down to the bottom of the box, she pulled out the small, beautifully dressed dolly. Her eyes shone! She had never doubted. Looking up at me, she asked: "Can I go over with you, Mummy, and give this dolly to that little girl, so she'll know that Jesus really loves her?" .

That parcel had been on the way for five whole months. Packed up by my former Sunday school class, whose leader had heard and obeyed God's prompting to send a hot water bottle, even to the equator. And one of the girls had put in a dolly for an African child -- five months before -- in answer to the believing prayer of a ten-year-old to bring it "that afternoon." "Before they call, I will answer!" Isa 65:24

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

How Many Know ?

I AM ..... (Chapter 6) Passion of Christ from maxtmh on GodTube.

Pics from the movie Passion of Christ and a song called 5480 by Paul Lisney , based on revelations given to St Bridget about the Passion..tremendous song

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Jesus Wept ... a story from India

One of my earliest childhood memories is of hearing sounds. Not the loving caressing sounds mother’s make to little babies, nor even the chatter of brothers and sisters at home; but rather the shouting and yelling of hordes of children. For my childhood began in a convent as my parents had abandoned me. As I grew up, I was sent to school and lived in a hostel run by the sisters. Even at that age I realized the closeness and belonging that other children had towards their parents. As per the hostel rules, parents were allowed to come over at weekend and meet their children. As he weekend would approach, I used to wait for my parents, longing to see them and give them a hug, as I saw my friends do with their parents. With tears in my eyes, I would have my gaze fixed at the front gate hoping that they would come some day. But they never did. When I asked about my parents, I was told that they would never come, as they did not want me.

I felt lonely, forsaken and angry with my parents. As time went on I subconsciously developed anger towards God for having allowed me to grow up without parental love. Hurting deep inside myself, I channeled my energy and time into my studies and became a top student. I prided myself on my intelligence and independence, with never so much as a thank you to anyone, let alone God. I went to college in Shimla and had many friends from all parts of India. I looked up to them to fill the emptiness I had within me. In order to remain updated to the worldly standard, my friends and I would not miss a single ball in cricket matches, watch the latest MTV hits, get the latest fashions etc. I knew these pleasures were temporary but I depended on them to fill the void of a lack of love in my life.

In 1999 I attended a retreat in Kerala, a life in the Spirit seminar. The last day was the Baptism of the Holy Spirit session and as I progressed I could here people shouting and crying. The Priest leading the session explained that Jesus is present in the Blessed Sacrament. I wondered to myself why nothing was happening to me. He quoted from Isaiah 49:15 “can a woman forget her own baby and not love the child she bore ? Even if a mother should forget her child, I will never forget you” I was shocked; the words seemed to be spoken specifically to me. They burned a lasting imprint into my mind and heart. Tears welled up in my eyes and as I looked towards the blessed sacrament, I saw a figure, with arms outstretched towards me. It was Jesus and He also was weeping. Believe me friends, Jesus wept. He wept with me..He wept for me...I had a deep sense of being understood by someone at last. And not just understood; here was someone who was crying along with me.

From that moment I was a changed person and my relationship with Jesus has been growing everyday. He gave me guidance and strength to walk in His ways. I spent time with Him and the desire for worldy pleasure died down. I received the grace to forgive my parents and to pray for them and love them. I feel no pain now.

Mary's Garden

Pics form England's National Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham and a song called Mary's Garden by Paul Lisney

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

In Remembrance

Archive footage of the Battle of Britain and WWII clips with a song called 'Wish you were here' in Remembrance of those who gave their lives.

Gloria TV

A new Catholic Video Site based in it out.

On a wing and a prayer

A teacher tells how a salesman called to her school. When he produced his pen, she noticed that a Rosary beads had got caught onto the pens clip and came out as well. “you must be a Catholic” she remarked. “Not really” he said “but a lot of us owe our lives to Our Lady, and I promised her I would always keep my Rosary with me and say it everyday.

The story that unfolded ran: it was September 1940 when we joined the air force. At Halifax we were given an intensive training course because we were needed overseas. We were grouped into squadrons each of which consisted of 6 to 10 planes and each was trained to manoeuvre as a unit. About 30-50 men made up a squadron. They told us that we were going overseas and would be in action right away. We would be on nightly missions over enemy territory.

We eagerly awaited our new squadron leader. As an officer he would, we believed, go straight to the officers quarters. However, this one, Stan Fulton, in full uniform, headed for our bunk house, where he settled in with the rest of us, saying “ There’s a free bunk and I am tired ! I’ll meet each of you tomorrow”.

With that, he threw his bag on an upper bunk. Our squadron leader, an officer, sleeping here with us ! We liked him at once and our admiration grew each day. That first night he knelt on the floor and prayed his Rosary in silence. Astounded we were struck dumb. When he finished he looked at us his friendly smile and said “I hope you guys don’t find a fellow saying some prayers because where we are going we’re going to need them”.

Next day at manoeuvre practice, we found that Fulton was not just our military leader, but our friend. He was one of us. He never tried to intimidate with his rank. Next night, he repeated his prayer session. Although our group had been together for 6 months, I had never seen anyone kneel in prayer, and had no idea that any of our group was Catholic.

The third night 3 of our companions joined Fulton in praying the Rosary. The rest of us did not understand, but we kept a respectful silence. We weren’t slow however on the pick-up. Soon we were all answering the Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s. So, we ended each day in prayer.

Soon enough we were to begin a series of night raids from England over Germany. The evening before, Fulton gave each one of us a Rosary “we shall be in some tight situations, but if you agree to keep the rosary with you and to pray it, I promise you that Our Lady will bring you all back safe”.

“Sure thing” we replied, little thinking we would be in action for 4 years, often in dreadful danger. At such times, Fulton’s voice would ring through each plane “Hail Mary…” and we would devoutly respond ! We must have said hundreds of Rosaries in the skies.
Ours, was the only squadron that did not lose a plane or a single life. We said nothing, but we treasured our secret weapon and knew Our Lady had saved us all

I AM (Chapter 1 ... Mary's story)

A video using Pics from the TV series 'Jesus of Nazareth' and a song by Mark Lisney called A mother's love. See

Our Lady Help of Christians...a story from the USSR

Josyp Terelya is a Ukrainian Catholic who, along with many other lay people, helped keep the faith alive in the underground church during the communist regime, after most of the clergy had been either killed, imprisoned or expelled. He was zealous and out-spoken and became such a thorn in the side of the KGB that whenever he spoke, he was arrested; whenever he was imprisoned he promptly escaped, even from their maximum security prisons, the church’s answer to Houdini.
Eventually they lost patience and decided to kill him. In solitary confinement, cell 21, they planned to freeze him to death. In this way they could avoid all the paperwork of a formal execution. “It was the middle of winter and they were forcing in frigid air. The walls were coated with ice so thick you could make it ring by tapping an object against it. They stripped me of my winter clothes, leaving me there in a light shirt. In half an hour I felt my jaws freeze shut. I couldn't move them and the very roots of my hair hurt.
My mind was working, I was aware I was freezing and gathered my strength. I climbed the grate on the cell door to warm my head against the ceiling light bulb. The guard on duty, looking through the peephole saw this and switched off the light. I sat on the bed and began to freeze.
There was an old quilt you could see through and I wrapped myself in it. Too weak, I finally lay down, praying and awaiting my death. It was then that I became aware of an intense flash in the room, a very powerful light, and heard what sounded like someone walking in my cell...the cell started to feel warmer. Against my frozen eyelids I felt the palm of a woman’s hand. When the hand lifted I was able to open my eyes. There before me was the Virgin Mary.
“You called to me” she said “and I have come” (She told him when he would be released, that he would be unharmed, and consoled him in this trial) “After the Blessed Virgin disappeared, I took off my shirt and started walking around the cell, that’s how warm it was. I was sweating.
After half an hour the KGB officials & prison hierarchy came to the cell, along with a doctor; all in fur hats & warm coats, they could not believe I was still alive, let alone standing there without a shirt. They were furious and demanded to know what had happened.
I told them the Mother Of God was here with me”... Josyp was released 4 years later, at the time Our Lady had told him and the rest as they say is history, the communist regime is gone, Lubyanka prison is closed, and the sanctuary lamps burn brightly again across Russia, even in the heart of Moscow, drawing the people back to God. During the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima ,she prophesied that Russia would be converted and her Immaculate heart would triumph, how wonderful to see it being fulfilled before our very eyes !

Friday, 23 May 2008

Amazing House of Grace

A remarkable 'christian rock' rendition of amazing grace by Higher Ground Band , to the tune of House of the Rising Sun, and pics of Medjugorje .

Monday, 19 May 2008

The Wall

(A story from the persecuted church in China by a lay missionary)
“on the second night of his visit, he was awoken in the middle of the night by the noise of people moving around the house. A little scared, he got up out of bed and went to his door. Opening his door he grabbed one of the men living in the house and said to him “what is going on ?” The Chinese man replied “we’re going to the wall”. He inquired further “ What is the wall ?” The Chinese man replied “Come with us and we will show you”

He got dressed and ventured out into the night with this group of people, walking for miles. On the way they were joined by 2 other groups until they numbered about 120 people. They came to a forest and he noticed that some of the male members were climbing up the trees. (it turns out that they were look-outs).

They got to a clearing in the forest and there was a small half-built wall from an old derelict building. As they came closer, everyone fell down on their knees before the wall.

Moments later, one man got up and walked towards the wall and reaching forwards removed one brick, behind the brick was reserved the Blessed Sacrament. They adored the Blessed Sacrament for one hour in silent prayer. Then the brick was replaced, the men came down from the trees and they went home.

Two or three times a week they would go to the wall in the middle of the night, risking imprisonment or even their lives, to spend an hour with Jesus, their greatest friend.”

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Your Saviour

Music video using pictures by Pat Marvenko Smith depicting scenes described in the book of Revelation and a song called 'Your Saviour' by Paul Lisney

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Wrong number..

One night, about 3am, the phone rang in the Presbytery. The PP answered it and the caller enquired “Is that the funeral home ?” ; “No, we are all alive here, only sleeping, its 3am” was the response. The caller went onto explain that he had just returned from the USA having heard that his mother had just died and was trying to find out where she was. The Priest recognised the name; he was to conduct the mother’s funeral that week.

The plot thickened; as the son told him how he had left under a cloud, the ‘blacksheep’ of the family you could say, and although he wanted to attend his mother’s funeral he was a bit concerned about how he would be received by the rest of the family. Perhaps Fr.. could smooth things over for him ? He agreed to do so.

At the funeral, when he came in all his relatives embraced him and welcomed him, somehow the death in the family became a source of unity and they all cried together and were reconciled and put past events behind them.

The son was so pleased that he heartily thanked the PP for his help and said that “if there is anything I can ever do for you, just let me know and I will” The priest thought this over for a few moments and said “actually there is one thing, I’m having a Life in the Spirit Seminar here for the next few weeks and I’d like you to attend”

His face dropped at the prospect of having to spend a half a dozen evenings in church; He had been away from the church for a very long time, born into the Catholic church but never really deciding to be one. However he was grateful and so agreed to attend, just to please him.

As the weeks went by, and he listened to the teachings and testimonies of these “born again” Catholics, he received the gift of faith, it all started to make sense to him, the love of God, the sacrifice of Jesus, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He decided for God , was reconciled with Him and received His mercy and forgiveness.

A complete change came over him, the same zeal and dedication he had once had for sin, he now had for God and wanted to share this good news with others. Soon his family, amazed at his transformation, were attending the next Life in the Spirit seminar, as were some old friends. He was happy and at peace at last.

A couple of months later, still in his twenties, he had a heart attack and died.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Time of Mercy ..

Pics from the main apparitions of the Virgin Mary in our day, Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje and a beautful song called "Time of Mercy" by Paul Lisney.

The Angel's prayer..a story from Fatima

One day in the autumn of 1916, the shepherds of Fatima took their herd out to graze. After their meal, they went to pray precisely where the Angel appeared to them the first time. While they recited the prayer that the Angel had taught them (My God, I believe, I adore, and I love You! I beg pardon of You for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You!),their faces to the ground, a light appeared above their heads.
The children saw the Angel again who this time held a chalice in his left hand; the Host rested above it with drops of Blood dripping down into the chalice. Leaving the chalice and the Host suspended in the air, the Angel prostrated himself on the ground next to the children and repeated this prayer three times: "Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly and offer You the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the earth, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and indifference with which He Himself is offended. And through the infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of You the conversion of poor sinners."
Then standing up, the Angel took the chalice and the Host into his hands and gave Holy Communion to Lucy, and the Blood of the chalice to Jacinta and Francisco, saying: "Take and drink the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by ungrateful men. Make up for all their crimes and console your God." He then prostrated himself one last time with the children and repeated the prayer to the Holy Trinity (above) three times. The three small visionaries kept strict silence about the apparitions of the Angel. Why did they behave this way? Sister Lucy stated later: "...because of the painful experience of the apparition of 1915."

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Message of Love

A video using the Jesus MAFA pictures depicting the Gospel in an African setting, and a song by Peter Mason called 'Message of Love' See for music downloads.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Trust in Me St Faustina

I am going forward through life amidst rainbows and storms, but with my head held high with pride, for I am a royal child. I feel that the blood of Jesus is circulating in my veins, and I have put my trust in the great mercy of the Lord. (992)

Jesus is commanding me to make a novena before the Feast of Mercy, and today I am to begin it for the conversion of the whole world and for the recognition of the Divine Mercy... "so that every soul will praise My goodness. I desire trust from My creatures. Encourage souls to place great trust in My fathomless mercy. Let the weak, sinful soul have no fear to approach Me, for even if it had more sins than there are grains of sand in the world, all would be drowned in the unmeasurable depths of My mercy. (1059)

My Jesus, support me when difficult and stormy days come, days of testing, days of ordeal, when suffering and fatigue begin to oppress my body and my soul. Sustain me, Jesus, and give me strength to bear suffering. Set a guard upon my lips that they may address no word of complaint to creatures. Your most merciful Heart is all my hope. I have nothing for my defense but only Your mercy; in it lies all my trust. (1065)

Monday, 21 April 2008

Our Father

A video about Christian Solidarity International's work in Sudan where they redeem people from slavery and help them return to home & family, with the song "Our Father" by Peter Mason see for music and for info on slave redemption and how you can help.

Friday, 18 April 2008

An Answered Prayer .. a story from Liberia

The SMA Fathers work with a Leper colony called Masserti in Liberia and tell this splendid story of God’s provision & sense of humour.

“Recently Fr Garry contacted me to share an idea. The People of Masserti, he said, are growing rice, in fact they could grow more than they need. But they can’t afford to transport it to a rice mill for processing. If they had their own mill, he said they could feed themselves and we could buy the excess for other projects.

Two hours later the telephone rang and a gentleman said he and his wife would like to help the people of Masserti and he offered a specific donation.

The donation was the exact amount that would be needed for the mill that Fr Garry had spoken of. The names of the donors were …… Mr & Mrs Rice !

Monday, 14 April 2008

Ladyewell Pilgrimage Music Video

Ladyewell ... The Ancient Shrine

"Between the Yorkshire hills and the Irish sea, in a countryside which is still fertile, stands the little Shrine of Ladyewell at Fernyhalgh, in the township of Broughton, about four miles north of Preston.
The date of it's origin is somewhat obscure, but despite the vicissitudes of life around it, the holy atmosphere of this little shrine has remained, and even to the present day there are pilgrimages to it, just as there used to be in generations past. 'The history of Ladyewell's origin is a very romantic one.
Centuries ago when the sons of Ireland, imbued with the fever of unrest, were roaming throughout the distant parts of the world, the circumstances arose which led to the founding of this shrine.
It was a day in autumn, when the elements were battling and causing a great destruction, a heavily laden galley was making very poor progress northward against a tempestuous Irish sea. The owner of the galley was Fergus Maguire, a younger son of a Chief of Fermanagh who, rich with the efforts of his trading gathered in many remote parts, was returning to his native land.
Day and night he and his crew had laboured without making much headway. So discouraged did his crew become that, throwing down their oars, they resigned themselves to their death, which indeed they thought was inevitable. Fergus, on the other hand, had no such ideas of resignation, and continued to man the helm until with one mighty surge the sea rested it from his grasp.
Then it was that this brave man felt in his extremity the necessity for prayer, and, falling down upon his knees, he besought Almighty God to come to his assistance, vowing that in the event of his deliverance he would perform some pious action. The storm did not abate, but the ship rode it safely, and finally reached the safety of a sheltered estuary. Tired after the strenuous battle, Fergus retired to rest. While he slept he heard a heavenly voice crying "Go to Fernyhalgh and there where thou shalt find a crabtree having coreless fruit hanging over a shrine, build me a chapel".
When he awoke, the Irishman began his inquiries among the inhabitants of the then little port of Liverpool, concerning the place called Fernyhalgh. Of all he asked, no one could tell him anything about it, or where it was situated. Leaving his galley in the hands of his foster father he set out to find Fernyhalgh. Far and wide he travelled into many strange places, and amongst many strange people.
The manner of his reception varied greatly! Some, on hearing his enquiry, would openly scoff at him. It was twilight of a November day that Fergus, being very weary from his travels, drew rein before the gate of a small house situated on an incline with many outhouses about it. The lady of the house stood on the gateway, and her demeanour suggested that she was impatiently awaiting for someone's return. Soon he learned that it was the good lady's maid who had taken the cows to the pastures and was very late in returning. Fergus asked if he could be of assistance to her, but she declined his offer, so leaving her to her vigil he entered the house to rest.
Soon he was aroused by the sound of voices, and heard the matron scolding her maid for not returning home sooner. "Nay mistress" said the girl in reply. "It is not my fault. The Dun cow, who is never quiet at her feeding, had strayed further than usual. I found her at Fernyhalgh". Here Fergus interposed, and on ascertaining that there was such a place as Fernyhalgh, was told by the mistress that it was three miles from where they were. The maid, proof that she had been there, displayed a gnarled and twisted branch, which, she said, she had broken off the apple tree near the spring. The branch was nearly leafless, but had a few crab apples adhering to it and on examining the fruits, Fergus discovered that they were coreless, just as he had been told in the vision.
The next day Fergus and the maid, Hilda, set out for Fernyhalgh, the place for which he had sought for so long. They crossed the common which lay between the village of Preston and the boundaries of the farm.She told Fergus of her own home which was on the edge of the hollow in which the well lay how on the death of her parents, the neighbours had been so kind to her. She told him of Oswald, their neighbours' son, of whom, he divined, she was very fond. When at last they reached the well, and the traveller assured himself that it really was the right place, he said a prayer of thanksgiving.
After the founder had made his thanksgiving, little Hilda offered up her prayer, the first of countless which were to follow in the centuries to come from devoted pilgrims who visited the Holy Shrine. It was while Fergus was looking round the site of the future church, that he, picking up a large stone, observed a tracery upon it in the shape of Mother and Child.
At once he realised that Our Lady had been honoured here before, and that it was her wish to have this place again for herself. The Maguire clan in Fermanagh had their own breed of cow called the Dun Cow. It was a cream coloured beast. Was it a coincidence that the cow in the story was a Dun Cow?

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Enter the Mystery

A video about the Mass/Eucharist and a song called 'Enter the Mystery' by Peter Mason . For free Christian Music downloads visit

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Miracle Escapes from the Tsunami

Eighty percent of the town of Meulaboh in Aceh, Indonesia, was destroyed by the Tsunami waves and a similar percentage of the people died. This was one of the towns hit hardest but most of the Christian minority survived.

There were only about 400 Christians in Meulaboh. Naturally they wanted to celebrate Christmas, but they were not allowed to do so by the muslims of Meulaboh. In order to celebrate Christmas, they had to leave the town and went up into the hills inland.

Having moved away from their homes, they made it a day long celebration and stayed overnight on the hill. They were still there the next morning when the Tsunami struck killing thousands in the town below. The 400 Christians on the hill were all spared from the destruction that befell their muslim neighbours.

Had the Christians insisted on their rights to celebrate Christmas in the town they would have all died too.But because instead of being confrontational and going up into the hills to celebrate in peace, they were saved and can now testify to God’s marvellous protection. Their humility was key to them being saved.

A parish in Sri Lanka had a very similar escape. Instead of having Mass in their 3 parish churches that morning, they had an outdoor Mass at a grotto up on a hillside. But even then they should have been back down when the Tsunami struck, but that day the Priest went ‘on and on’ in his sermon. As a result only those who left before the end of Mass were caught up in the Tsunami. The 3 churches below in the town were completely destroyed.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Pilgrim's Way

A few pictures from the SVP sponsored walk for the Ozanam centre in Wales and a soundtrack called 'Christ is all in all' by Paul Lisney. The Ozanam Centre , run by the SVP, provides holidays for families/kids who could not otherwise afford one. but is also open to the public as a B&B or for retreats etc. The walk is an ancient pilgrim trail leading to Bardsley Island.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Street Children in Mongolia

One of the projects MIR is fundraising for is the street children in Mongolia and the mission of the CICM Fathers there. There are many thousands of abandoned children living in the sewers of Ulaan Baatar scratching a living from recycling bottles and cans, often in danger, and the CICM Fathers visit the manholes offering help. They also have a care centre/orphanage where they accomodate 120 children at present.

For more info, if you would like to help, see

Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Royal Way

It was necessary for foreigners in Britain to renew their visas periodically. I had to have mine renewed by 31st December 1954, or leave the country. I did not have a penny to my name, how could I get those forms down to London ? A registered letter cost 1 shilling (12 pennies). I did not believe that God was going to let me be thrown out of school for the lack of a shilling.

And so the game moved into a new phase. I had a name for it by now. I called it the game of the Royal Way. I had discovered that when God supplied money He did it in a Kingly manner, not in some groveling way.

Three separate times, over the matter of the registered letter, I was almost lured from the Royal way. I was head of the student body and in charge of the schools tract fund. One day my eye lit first on the calendar, it was 28th December and then on the fund. It happened to contain several pounds just then. Surely it would be alright to borrow just one shilling.

And surely not, too. Quickly I put the idea behind me.

And then it was the 29th December. Two days left. That morning the thought occurred to me that perhaps I might find those pennies lying on the ground. I had actually put my coat on and started down the street before I saw what I was doing. I was walking along with head bowed, eyes on the ground, searching the gutter for pennies. What kind of Royal Way was this ! I straightened up and laughed out loud there on the busy street. I walked back to school with my head high, but no closer to getting the money.

The last round in the game was the most subtle of all. It was 30th December. I had to have my visa application in the post that day if it was to get to London by the 31st.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, one of the students shouted up the stairwell that I had a visitor. I ran down the stairs thinking this must be my delivering angel. But when I saw who it was my heart dropped. The visitor wasn’t coming to bring me money, he was coming to ask for it. For it was Richard, a friend I made months ago in the Patrick slums, a young man who came to the school occasionally when he needed money.

With dragging feet I went outside. Richard stood on the white-pebble walk-way, hands in pockets, eyes lowered, “Andrew, would you be having a little extra cash ? I’m hungry”
I laughed and told him my predicament and as I spoke, I saw the coin.

It lay among the pebbles, sun glinting off it in such a way that I could see it but not Richard. I could tell from its colour that it was a shilling. Instinctively, I stuck out my foot and covered the coin with my toe. Then, as Richard and I talked, I reached down and picked up the coin along with a handful of pebbles. I tossed the pebbles down, one by one, aimlessly, until at last I had just the shilling in my hand. But even as I dropped the coin into my pocket, the battle began.

That coin meant I could stay in school. I wouldn’t be doing Richard a favour by giving it to him: he’d spend it on drink and be as thirsty as ever within the hour.

While I was thinking up excellent arguments, I knew it was no good. How could I judge Richard when Christ had told me so clearly that I must not. Furthermore, this was not the Royal Way ! What right had an ambassador to hold onto money when another of the Kings children stood in front of him saying he was hungry. I shoved my hand in my pocket and drew out the silver coin.

“Look Richard, I do have this. Would it help any ?”

Richard’s eyes lit up. “it would mate”. He tossed the coin into the air and ran off down the hill. With a light heart that told me I had done the right thing, I turned to go back inside. And before I reached the door, the postman turned down our walk.

In the mail, of course, was a letter for me. I knew when I saw my sisters handwriting that it was from our prayer group back home and that there would be cash inside. And there was, a lot, a pound and a half, 30 shillings. Far more than I needed to send my letter; enough to buy soap, treat myself to my favourite toothpaste and buy Gillette supers instead of blues.

The game was over. The King had done it His way.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Way of the Cross

Pictures by Geoff Todd of the way of the cross and an instrumental piece by Paul Lisney

The Power of the Tongue

A woman went to Confession to a Desert Father. She admitted to having slandered someone. Seeing her sincere repentance, the priest gave her absolution. Before dismissing her, he gave her this penance: She was to buy a chicken, pluck it on the Village Square and then come back to see him.
The woman carefully carried out her penance, came back to the priest and asked: "Now, what must I do with the chicken?" "Go back to the Marketplace where you plucked the chicken," He told her. "And pick up all the chicken's feathers."
"That's impossible," exclaimed the woman. "The feathers have all flown away, the wind has scattered them to the four corners of the globe!" "That's true! Now you understand what slander can do! It can spread more quickly and farther then those feathers!
The judgments, which this creates in hearts and the troubles, which arise in the consciences cannot be repaired!"
Jesus has given us a golden rule: "When your brother sins, go to him, one on one..." (Matt.18,15). Most often, the very fact of going to see a brother causes the "falsehood" that one had fabricated to dispel, and peace to be restored. Even if truly there had been sin, we certainly have other means of furthering the Kingdom than that of whispering criticism! Compassion heals the wounded heart more surely than judgment, and prayer can convert the sinner more surely than accusation.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Be Still

Pics from the Holy land and a couple of Christian songs by Paul Lisney & Peter Mason respectively

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Appeal from descendant of William Wilberforce

Letter from Fr Gerard Wilberforce, a priest from Plymouth Diocese.
I am writing as the great great grandson of William Wilberforce, who campaigned vigorously for the ending of the transatlantic slave trade in 1807, which ultimately paved the way for the abolition of slavery itself throughout the entire British Empire in 1833.
I am often asked what would be the campaigns Wilberforce would be fighting if he were alive in 21st century Britain. I believe that there would be a number of different issues - among them human trafficking and the scourge of drugs. But almost certainly at the top of the list, would be the issue of abortion.
As the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill comes before Parliament over the next few weeks, the opportunity presents itself to amend the abortion Act. With the number of abortions having reached 200,000 per year in the UK alone, the time is right to tighten up the law that was designed to protect women by ending illegal abortion, but never to allow such a high degree of deprived life.There are great similarities between the status of the foetus and the status of African slaves two centuries ago.
Slaves were considered a commodity to do with whatever the vested interests of the day decided. Today, in our desire to play God in our embryology experimentation, with all its' unfulfilled promises of miracle cures, and our decision to abort unwanted children, we are no better that those slave traders who put their interests and world view higher than they placed the sanctityand value of human life.
Most people at the time didn't believe the evil of slavery could ever be defeated, as so much of the economy at the time was dependent on the trade. It's easy for us to think that is the case today with abortion, but I believe William Wilberforce would not take such a view.Whilst our hearts go out to those who have chosen abortion, there should now be much greater emphasis on the alternatives that exist.
Many of us would like to see far more support those who have made such a significant and difficult decision - but whilst we recognise the trauma many women have gone through, we also have a duty to 'Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves' (Proverbs 31).The Psalmist says 'My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.'
With abortions in the UK reaching 600 a day, it seems to me that the 'secret place', is one of the most dangerous places to be in modern day Britain. As with my great ancestor, the battle took many years, even decades. But now, with the passage of time we look back in horror at how we devalued human life. I truly believe we will look back in years to come, repent and ask forgiveness for what we let happen to the unborn child. There is something deeply depressing about a society in which abortion is so easy, yet alternatives such as adoption are made to appear so difficult.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Angels Video

A video of aid convoys to Bosnia during the war, and a beautiful soundtrack by Tami Leah & Anna called 'Angels' .. See

Traveling On Your Knees

Last night I took a journey
To a land across the seas.
I didn't go by ship or plane
I traveled on my knees.
I saw so many people there
In bondage to their sin,
And Jesus told me I should go,
That there were souls to win.
But I said "Jesus, I can't go
To lands across the seas."
He answered quickly, "Yes, you can
By traveling on your knees.
"He said, "You pray, I'll meet the need.
You call, and I will hear.
It's up to you to be concerned
For lost souls far and near.
"And so I did; knelt in prayer,
Gave up some hours of ease,
And with the Savior by my side,
I traveled on my knees.
As I prayed on, I saw souls saved
And twisted persons healed,
I saw God's workers strength renewed
While laboring in the field.
I said, "Yes Lord, I'll take the job.
Your heart I want to please.
I'll heed Your call and swiftly go
By traveling on my knees."

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Love Song

Pictures by Chinese artist He Qi and a beautiful soundtrack by Christa Haberstock called 'Love Song'

Monday, 10 March 2008

Mao is Dead !

A new film (in the development stage) about the Church in China. Based on true stories from the underground house church movement on the mainland. A story of persecution, astonishing miracles and God's love for the people of China.. the link to the blog is:

If you can help in any way, with prayers, skills, time or funding..get in touch at

Kyrie Eleison

A video of orthodox & Coptic Icons..a walkthrough the Gospels, with a song called Kyrie Eleison by Paul Lisney

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Heaven Sent..

A woman was at work when she received a phone call that her daughter was very sick with a fever. She left her work and stopped by the pharmacy to get some medication for her daughter. When returning to her car she found that she had locked her keys in the car.

She was in a hurry to get home to her sick daughter, she didn't know what to do, so she called her home and told the baby sitter what had happened and that she did not know what to do. The baby sitter told her that her daughter was getting worse. She said, "You might find a coat hanger and use that to open the door." The woman looked around and found an old rusty coat hanger that had been thrown down on the ground possibly by someone else who at some time or other had locked their keys in their car.

Then she looked at the hanger and said, "I don't know how to use this." So she bowed her head and asked God to send her some help. Within five minutes an old rusty car pulled up, with a dirty, greasy, bearded man who was wearing an old biker skull rag on his head. The woman thought, "Great God. This is what you sent to help me????" But, she was desperate, so she was also very thankful.

The man got out of his car and asked her if he could help. She said "Yes, my daughter is very sick. I stopped to get her some medication and I locked my keys in my car, I must get home to her. Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my car." He said, "SURE." He walked over to the car, and in less than one minute the car was opened. She hugged the man and through her tears she said, "THANK YOU SO MUCH ... You are a very nice man."

The man replied, "Lady, I am not a nice man. I just got out of prison today. I was in prison for car theft and have only been out for about an hour. "The woman hugged the man again and with sobbing tears cried out loud ..."THANK YOU, GOD, FOR SENDING ME A PROFESSIONAL! "