Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Prayers for Healing of AIDS

I met a woman today who testified of Jesus' love and forgiveness. She is a living testimony that the good Lord lives today! She was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2002 and lost one of her children to this dreadful disease a few years ago.
She was on her death bed and was in hospital and, according to her own words, she was so ill she was in diapers! Her only living child was also dying from AIDS and there seemed to be no hope! Until she was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ! In one week she met Christ and invited Him into her life. She declared Jesus as Christ and Savior and gave her life to Him.
In that same week she visited my sister-in-law' s church and they prayed over her and laid their hands on her and prayed for her healing. She thought nothing of it and later that week went to the clinic to collect ARV (Anti-retroviral) medication and as is procedure they did a CD4 count and her count resembled that of a normal person which alarmed the nurses so they called in the doctor to do an HIV/AIDS test and she tested negative!
The doctor could not believe it so they did several more tests which all came out negative. She was amazed and quickly went home to get her only living daughter who also had AIDS and got her tested too and amazingly her daughter tested negative too! In that same week she went for an interview and got a job as a child minder in a nursery school.

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