Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Your God in the Philippines is more powerful than our god in Japan

For many years, I worked as an entertainer in Japan, where I met and married a Japanese man in 1989. In January 1991, I got sick. After a careful diagnosis, the doctor found out I had skin cancer. I was hospitalized for six months and underwent chemotherapy. Due to the side effects of the drugs, I suffered baldness

In the midst of this crisis, I listened to the healing messages of Bro. Mike on audio tapes and read Bagong Liwanag magazines sent to me by my parents from the Philippines. As I read the testimonies on the miracles of El Shaddai, God gave me hope that I would be healed. I repented of all my sins, asked for God's forgiveness and received in my heart Jesus Christ as Healer, Lord, and Savior.

Before I had my last chemotherapy, I made an overseas call to Bro. Mike in his office and asked him to pray for my healing. After that, the doctors were surprised with the result of the examination-it was negative! One of them even exclaimed to me, "Your God in the Philippines is indeed mightier than our god in Japan." Thank You, El Shaddai, for healing me!