Friday, 8 October 2010

Two for the Price of One

Another miracle from Medjugorje, from last week (Sept 2010)Following a heart operation a chap from England developed some after effects even though the surgery went very well.

One was that his breathing was very difficult, he could only walk a few steps before beomming breathless. Also there was a big reduction in the functioning of his kidneys, this had gone on for a couple of years progressively getting worse.

A biopsy on his kidney was scheduled to look into that and unfortunatley the medicine which could have helped his breathing problem (which was due to fluid on the chest) could not be used as it would cause further problems for the kidneys.

He went to Medjugorje in spetember 2010, having a great devotion to Our Lady, but not really anticipating any miraculous intervention. For the duration of the pilgrimage he remained at ground level not tackling the hills and mountains anymore as he had done on previous visits. He had a good pilgrimage but his condition had not improved any.

On his last day there, out on the balcony of the house he was staying in, he saw the sun spinning and the rays of light emanating from it towards him like laser beams. At that time whilst acknowledging it as a sign of Our Ladys presence there there was no cure or healing at that time.

The following day he returned to England and to his suprise, the breathing problem was completely healed. Breathing normally, able to walk quickly and back to full strength.
Some days later he went for the biopsy of his kidney. On examination they decided not to do one but instead did a function test and found that it was some 7% better than when he last checked, this is the first time in 2 years it showed any improvement, previously it had been getting steadily worse.

Two miracles for the price of one !

Praise the Lord !

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