Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tongue-Tied Officer

During the Cultural Revolution, in Henan, there was a police officer who severely persecuted the believers. He spoke vile and threatening words against God’s people and was always busy making plans for more arrests.

One day this man stuck his tongue out and was unable to put it back into his mouth! He visited many doctors but nobody knew how to help him. One doctor told him he should seek a Christian for prayer. He visited the home of one of the Christian leaders he had persecuted. The family was afraid to see him.

When the Christians saw his tongue was sticking out and he was unable to say anything intelligible, their fear of this man was changed to pity. The believers realized this man wanted them to pray for him, but they knew if he was healed he would go straight back to persecuting them. Therefore they told him, “There is no way we will pray for your physical healing unless you give your heart to Jesus Christ and believe in Him! And after you receive Christ, you need to agree that you will come to our meetings regularly, and learn to love and serve God with all your heart.”

The officer was commanded to kneel down and repent. Immediately God healed his tongue. This man became a believer and stopped persecuting the believers.

This incident was the start of a great revival in that village, when many families came to know Jesus. This man is still a Christian today.

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