Saturday, 23 April 2011

Miracles of Healing (medjugorje)

In Kuching (Malaysia), our friend Maria was told by her colleague, an anguished father of a child who had been born prematurely at 7 months, that the baby needed to undergo a risky operation because he had water on his brain (hydrocephaly). Maria decided to go and pray for the child and she took with her rose petals blessed by Our Lady in Medjugorje. The parents are Anglican. They accepted the prayer. Maria told the father to place a rose petal on the child's head and to pray a Hail Mary, a prayer that he knew. The next day, on the day of the operation, the procedure was cancelled because the liquid had completely disappeared. The surgeon could not explain the change. Thank you Mary!

(this story is from the children of medjugorje newsletter...there website is:

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