Monday, 9 May 2011

A personal testimony .. a true story from the Philippines

On Good Friday, on a TV show a young Filipino man told his story. He had been a practicing homosexual for some years, going to parties at houses of others of the same persuasion and sleeping around, it was not clear whether he was paid to take part in orgies or whether it was entirely voluntary but he led a promiscous life. Soon he was HIV positive and later became sick. Maybe the story is familiar, but his response to it is less so.

Now , some years later, his life has been transformed. His work is in communicating the dangers of his former lifestyle to his peers and helping them. He now says that gettings AIDS was a 'gift from God' to him because his life changed and he is forgiven and redeemed and now able to use what is left of his life to help others, praise God ! What an example to others !

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