Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bread for China..

About 30+ years ago, in Henan province in China a teenage boy, later to become a mighty evangelist, knelt by his bedside praying for a bible. He had seen his father healed of cancer a few days before when his mother prayed for his healing in the name of Jesus, and he wanted to know who this Jesus was. In those days in China there were no bibles, during the cultural revolution they had all been burnt and all the missionaries expelled, executed or imprisoned. In his small village no one had ever seen one, although some had seen handwritten passages many years before. He began what was to become a 100 day fast as part of his prayer for a bible. He neither ate nor drank all day and just had a bit of rice in the evening. By the end, almost delirious with hunger he had a vision during his prayers where he saw his bible being delivered to him. As he woke from this vision, there was a knock at the door and two men entered and handed him a red bag with his bible inside.

An old evangelist from another part of China, who had suffered terribly for his faith during the cultural revolution, but had managed to successfully hide his bible by burying it in the ground in a can, also had a dream. He had seen the boy’s house, the village he lived in and the province and the Lord told him to send his bible to this boy. He asked two Christian friends to deliver it to him , the ones who knocked on the door 100 days later.

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