Saturday, 4 August 2012

An amazing healing of a blind lady

Jacque has been on more than one trip to the Philippines. On a previous trip Jacque saw God perform a truly amazing miracle. She was preaching one Sunday morning when she noticed an elderly man escorting his wife toward the platform. (They were both in their 70s or 80s). Now she had not made an alter call and so she was wondering what was going on.

It soon became apparent why the man was escorting his wife since she was not only blind in one eye but the other eye wasn’t even there at all, it was just an empty eye socket. The lady had been blind since birth. Jacque asked them what they wanted and the man said “I want my wife to see me before I go to be with the Lord.” Jacque felt that the Lord wanted her to pray for the lady so she said, “let it be done for you as you have believed.” Jacque then went to lay her hand on the one eye that was left but the Lord told her “Not that eye.”

Jacque felt the power of God as she laid hands on the lady. She soon felt something moving under her hand. She looked and she saw an eyeball roll around. The Lord then told her to remove the membrane. The lady could see but her vision was blurry so Jacque prayed for the blurriness. She said that she prayed more fervently for the blurriness than she did for the missing eye.

The lady looked at her husband and said, “You’re beautiful.” The whole church was screaming and the Lord started healing people all over the church, including people with goiters.

On the day that I spoke to Jacque she was able to tell me that just the night before a musical director from Brisbane was healed of a sore shoulder. So miracles are still happening and they are happening all over the world. 

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