Monday, 11 February 2013

Sowing & Reaping ... it works if you're listening !

One week when I was a widowed mother of two small children, the Lord spoke to me to pay off a layaway that I saw in the CFNI Bookstore. I didn't know the person. The layaway was laying behind the counter with a ticket on it. The Lord say pay it off.

I asked the clerk how much was owed on it. It was exactly what I had in the bank. I was on my way to a women's ministry.At the meeting, I received $100.00 back. The Lord spoke to me, "Don't eat your seed. " I took the $100.00 to a minister and gave it.

 On the way home, I stopped to visit another ministry. They gave me $200.00. The Lord said,"Don't eat you seed." I went right back to the minister that I had given to earlier that day. I gave the $200.00. 

The next morning I had a knock at my door. A man from our church gave me a check for $500.00 seed offering. He was proving God for a job he was hoping to get. (Malachi 3:10) The Lord spoke to me again, "Don't eat your seed." I took the $500.00 to the same minister again. 

On the way home, I stopped for services at another ministry. They asked me to lead worship that afternoon service. As I stepped off the platform just before preaching, a man handed me something. 

I tucked it into my pocket. After church, I pulled it out of my pocket. It was a check for $1000.00. On the bottom of the check it said "My Seed." 

Then the Lord spoke to me and said "Now go pay your bills." I had just enough to pay them with about $50.00 left for groceries.

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