Monday, 31 March 2014

Near Death Experiences..

Taken from a friends Facebook..

..., an outreach from Singapore came, she had stage 4 colon cancer. we prayed together over the phone a lot and though prayer  helped;  her sickness is a very difficult one. Her liver and other organs already contracted cancer. Her doctors in Singapore were so apprehensive , knowing that her case was so advanced that they too were not sure of what would be the outcome of the operation. Well, she made it! She was healed and free from all cancer cells. 

But this is not the story..... While she was in the hospital, she was gasping for air, and can't breath. she found herself wandering in midst of darkness. She felt afraid and so very nervous, she could not see anything but darkness. She tried to pray but she could not find the words. She stopped and tried to seek in her heart what should be done and words came out of her mouth begging God for forgiveness. While she was asking for forgiveness, she saw a light but not enough to see the surroundings. as she walked closer to the light, she faltered in believing, just hoping that this experience will end. She could not understand why she was doing a left turn, then again darkness overshadowed her, then she saw a red light not so far from her and she was going. and she was hearing loud cries of people in the red light. 

The red light was starting to engulfed her and the feeling was so hot the she could not bear it. She cried out loud to God telling Him that she was not for that place and deep in her heart, she truly repented. A video of her past was shown to her and she felt so unworthy and ashamed, but the Lord accepted her cry. Again she being drawn to the light. She felt so much peace and ready to enter but she remember her kids and one among them who was not yet reconciled with her. Right there and then she asked for an extension, but the Lord had no response to this, until she made a commitment that she will serve the Lord for the rest of her life. 

At that moment, she came back and saw her husband crying and praying for her recovery. She is now testifying for the Lord. She and the husband with the sister in law came to tell her story and most especially to thank the Lord in the chapel where we offered her suffering to God.

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