Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Planned Parenthood .. sale of baby organs and tissue

In the early days after abortion was legalized in the UK (for special cases), some entrepreneurs started to look at ways to cash in on this fledgling industry. They used the baby fat to make soap.

At the time this was a bit shocking; the only previously recorded incident, highlighted during the Nuremberg trials, was at the Danzig institute where the corpses from Nazi concentration camps had been processed and made into soap; a small scale operation in its day. Nowadays of course many beauty products contain fetal material in some form or another.

A recent covert investigation into the American abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, revealed even more shocking news: harvesting of fetal organs and tissue for sale to research companies. The abortionists explained (whilst being secretly filmed) how they can modify the abortion procedure to keep intact the more valuable or saleable body parts, like liver, heart, lungs etc., to make up the orders from the company. 

Of course that’s not the end of the tale. What these biotech companies use this tissue and parts for, is much more disturbing! I have a limited understanding of the science, but essentially, they use the tissue in the development of new flavorings for foodstuffs and soft drinks in addition to its use in the production of vaccines and medicines. In other words, aborted babies have entered the human food chain. 

Who could have imagined that in less than 50 years we would have arrived at something like this? Indeed it is not the only piece of 60’s legislation or decriminalization that has set us on a path to a new age of deprivation…

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