Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sr Euphraxia

Chapter XXVI (from stories of the desert fathers/ sisters)
One day the gatekeeper came to the abbess with an urgent message.
"My lady," she said, "there is a woman standing weeping outside the gate with her child of about eight years old, paralysed, deaf and dumb."
The abbess knew by the revelation of the Spirit that Euphraxia had been given the grace of the Lord against demons.
"Ask Euphraxia to come here," she said to the gatekeeper. And when she appeared she said to her:
"Go and take that child from his mother and bring him here."
She went out to the gate and when she saw the child, paralysed and trembling, she was over come with compassion, heaved a deep sigh and made the sign of the cross over him.
"May he who created you heal you, my son," she said.
And she picked him up and took him to the abbess. While she was carrying him the boy was healed and began to cry for his mother, which gave Euphraxia such a start that she dropped the boy on the floor. The boy immediately got up and ran towards the gate, still crying for his mother. Meanwhile the gatekeeper ran to the abbess to tell her what had happened. The abbess called the mother of the child.
"Now look here, my sister," she said, "Have you come here simply to pay tricks on us?
"In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, my lady," said the mother, "that child has never walked or spoken a word until this present moment. But when that other sister picked him up he began to speak! She was so startled she dropped him on the floor, but the child got up immediately and ran to me, your servant."
"So then, he is completely restored to you!" she said. "Take him and go in peace."
Which she did, and departed glorifying God.

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